Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?
We base our pricing on the time and material it takes to complete a job. We’ll be up-front with you on our estimates from the beginning and about progress of the job along the way. You can make an informed decision about the work you need, and we guarantee we’ll get the job done right.
Am I responsible for the service cable and meter box outside?

As the homeowner, you are responsible for the meter box on the outside of your home, meaning any damages, maintenance, or repairs you will need to manage. The responsibility of the service cable where it attaches to the home is also the homeowner’s responsibility. Otherwise, the utility company is responsible for maintaining and repair.

What’s the benefit of whole-house surge protection
A sudden spike in electricity flow is called a power surge. Power surges can damage electrical equipment due to overheating. With whole-house surge protection, you’re protecting any electrical equipment in your home in the event of a power surge, rather than choosing individual devices to protect by using a plug-in surge protector.
Can you help me save money on my power bill?
We can help you find ways to lower your power bill and lessen your impact on the environment. Some savings may come in the long run, with higher initial costs, such as switching to energy efficient lighting; this is because energy efficient lights cost more to purchase but last longer and require less energy to electricity, therefore lowering your bill. Other small changes that can have an impact on your bill include transitioning to smart technology, like smart thermostats that can be programmed to turn up and down at certain times of the day to save energy. Major savings on electric bills are usually noted when older houses with outdated wiring are re-wired and made to meet up-to-date codes, or significant problems with electrical breakers or appliances are addressed.

The bottom line is – you never know where the savings can be found, and we’re happy to help you find them.

Can I DIY an electrical project?
Aside from changing a light bulb, electrical home projects are not recommended for the average DIYer. Property damage and personal injury – even death – is a big risk that isn’t worth it. Projects that are completed improperly can void homeowners warranties or lead to higher electric bills. The potential cost of repair of a project that didn’t turn out well when doing it yourself should encourage you to call a qualified electrician first.

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